Drug Addiction


Nearly all addicted individuals believe at the outset thathey can stop using drugs on their own, and most try to stop without treatment. Although some people are successful, many attempts result in failure to achieve long- term abstinence. Research has shown that long-term drug abuse results in changes in the brain that persist long after a person stops using drugs. These drug-induced changes in brain function can have many behavioral consequences, including an inability to exert control over the impulse characteristic of addiction.

"Long-term drug use results in significant brain-function impairments that last long after the individual has stopped using drugs"

Understanding that addiction has such a fundamental of achieving and maintaining abstinence without treatment. Psychological stress from work, family problems, psychiatric illness, pain associated with medical problems, social cues (such as meeting individuals from one’s drug using past), or environmental cues (such as encountering streets, objects, or even smells associated with drug abuse) can trigger intense cravings without the individual even being consciously aware of the triggering event. Any one of these factors can hinder attainment of sustained abstinence and make relapse more likely. Nevertheless, research indicates that active participation in treatment is even the most severely addicted individuals.

Faith By The Sea incorporates the necessary treatment components to help addicted individuals to stop  compulsive drug seeking and use. Our drug addiction rehab utilizes a variety of evidenced-based approaches to treat addiction, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Relapse Prevention, Transtheoretical Stages of Changes, 12-Step Facilitation, and more. Our Faith Based program focuses on the concepts of Celebrate Recovery and the Life Bible studies.

Faith By The Sea treats the following Addictions:

Heroin Addiction

Addiction to Pain Medications

Benzodiazepines Addiction

Alcohol Addiction

Cocaine Addiction

Crack Cocaine Addiction

Methamphetamine Addiction

Addiction to Inhalants

Antidepressant Addiction

Designer and Club Drugs

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